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We're different at Earth Turf.

We believe in taking a more holistic approach to managing the health and appearance of your lawn.

That's why our lawn care programs are based upon the use of all granular, organic-based fertilizers. Unlike those traditional, fast-acting, all-synthetic fertilizers (like those used by the big "chemical spray" companies), our organic components help your lawn develop a natural resistance to weeds, insects and diseases, with less reliance on chemical controls.

You'll see the results in a more consistent lawn color over the season, and you'll feel good about doing business with a local company that believes in protecting the environment we all share.

Lawn Services

Organic-based, granular ferilizers develop your healthy lawn.

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Landscape Services

Enhance and maintain your outdoor living environment.

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Emerald Ash Borer Control

Protect your valuable ash trees from this invasive beetle.

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