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About Us

about usEARTH TURF is a family-owned horticulture service company, established in 1993 in Stark County, Ohio. During our 20+ years in business, we have provided environmentally-responsible lawn care and landscape services to thousands of homeowners and businesses throughout Stark, Summit, Wayne and Medina counties.

Our horticulture programs are centered around the use of all granular, organic-based fertilizers…never any broadcast liquid sprays! Our holistic approach to managing your lawn’s health is built upon establishing a soil growing environment that favors optimum turfgrass growth.

Following the principles of Integrated Pest Management, we employ sound cultural practices to manage your lawn’s health, and target control products (for weeds, crabgrass and insects) only when and where needed. This avoids unhealthy overdoses of applications to areas that are pest-free, reducing the impact of treatments to your home living environment.